Of the Tauyama Shuraku Lions
Clubenrollment is recommended

■ I boast of being a member of a social service group of world maximum scale to be active for great mind, and recommended we of the Tsu harlot comfortable Lions Club enrollment resemble world peace for happiness of the human.

 [world 188 countries, 44,675 clubs, number of the members 1,378,651, 3,340 Japanese clubs, member 140,448, 336-B district (Okayama / 105 Tottori) clubs, member 4,893] (as of 2002.4.30) we contribute to a community through social service, and, for this joy, difference wants to fit many people.

 It is rich intelligence and an owner of moral sense, and it can be it to a member with anyone by invitation from Lions Club in a community if it is a man of the good adulthood and a woman.

 The new world opens out to you by getting a new business, experienced many friends.

 Tsuyama shuraku Lions Club is bright tradition and a club proud of the history of the 15th anniversary establishment.

 The enrollment gets the board of directors, approval of a regular meeting by recommendation of a member (a sponsor) and a member committee and invites you.

 Please refer to the secretariat for interesting one for Lions Club activity

■ zip708-0022 30-9, Sange, Tsuyama-shi Tsuyama business and industry hall the fourth floor



E-mail :shuraku_tsuy@ma-lions.jp